Thursday, April 30, 2015

WYSE and Science Competition Results

Congratulations to the WYSE team as they placed 4th in the state competition for the 700 division public schools.  There were 15 teams in our division at the state competition and over 300 individuals

Zach Ross placed 3rd in physics, Sam McGraw placed 4th in physics, and Alec Saebeler placed 6th in chemistry. 

At the Blackburn Science Competition, Plains placed first in biology, chemistry, and physics.  Individually, Sam McGraw placed first in physics, Zach Ross placed 2nd in physics, Josh Davis Placed third in physics, Alec Saebeler and Michelle Hedlund tied for 2nd in chemistry, Jacob Higginson placed first in biology, and TJ Covey placed third in biology.

Over a dozen schools were at the competition including Plains, Athens, Riverton, Rochester, Carlinville, Pawnee, Triad, Mt Olive, Gillespie...

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