Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Congratulations to the 2016 WYSE team.  The varsity team took first place in the regional competition at LLCC yesterday in the 700 division.  The team will advance to the sectional competition held at Illinois College in Jacksonville on March 8th

Individual medal winners were:

Michelle Hedlund 3rd in biology, Jacob Higginson 3rd in chemistry, Bev Watson 2nd in chemistry, Adam Ely 3rd in computer science, Zach Pappas 2nd in computer science, Adam Ely 3rd in engineering graphics, Brock Brummett 2nd in engineering graphics, Zach Pappas 1st in engineering graphics, Alec Saebeler 3rd in mathematics, Chad Kennedy 3rd in physics, Alec Saebeler 2nd in physics, and Tyler Johnson 1st in physics.

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