Tuesday, April 26, 2016

odds and ends

It has been a while since my last post and we have had some positive news coming from PPHS I would like to share.

 Congratulations to our boys and girls track teams as they both won the Rochester Invite. The girls also took first place in the Pana Invite the week prior.

 The WYSE team competed at the state competition on April 12 at the U of I.  Michelle Hedlund earned a 4th place medal in biology.  

The Blackburn Science day teams won 1st place in both chemistry and physics, placed 3rd in biology last Friday.  Individually: Jacob Higginson 1st in chemistry, Bev Watson 3rd in chemistry, Alex Saebeler and Chad Kennedy tied for first in physics, and Tyler Johnson got 4th in physics. Ten teams competed at Blackburn (Athens, Rochester, Pawnee, Pleasant Plains, Mt Olive, Carlinville, Auburn, Mascoutah, Gillespie, Breese Central)

Bradley Campbell and his CACC welding team won the Illinois gold medal in the State Skills US Welding Fabrication Competition this past Saturday.  The team of 3 will be Illinois's entry in National competition in Louisville, KY the last of June. In the state competition the teams were give a blueprint of a wood-burning stove and then were given 3.5 hours to build the stove.  

On April 23rd I had the pleasure of attending the Variety show and was very proud to see all of the talented students at both PPMS and PPHS. I hope to post a link soon to one of the acts. 

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